about us:

GHIDORAH GODZ, are a collection of 5,999 ghidorah that are the Descendants of the KING GHIDORAH.


There will only be 1,999 GENESIS GHIDORAH and 4,000 DIVINE GHIDORAH. Subsequently, there will be additional races of ghidorah introduced in future developments, such as ANCIENT GHIDORAH that will be available as FREE MINT for our holders. 


$WAGYU token will be passively generated so long as you hold a GENESIS GHIDORAH. GENESIS GHIDORAH holders would receive 10(ten) $WAGYU tokens daily for the next 10(ten) years. uses for tokens will be updated in our “Marketplace”

there will only ever be 1,999 GENESIS GHIDORAH and GENESIS GHIDORAH will be the only ones that are able to passively generate tokens.


It is not an investment and has no economic value. 

ancient free mint !!

ANCIENT GHIDORAH is our THIRD race that would be mintable for free for our community members as a token of appreciation for our community who’ve been with us since the start of GHIDORAH GODZ. we will be setting a time for our community members to mint an ANCIENT GHIDORAH. 


more details will be dropped in the community announcements in our discord.


we would be introducing new projects that are minting to our community. through the PODCAST, community members will be able to get in touch directly with other project owners on the details of NEW & UPCOMING NFT projects. we would be doing our own studies to make sure that projects introduced in these PODCAST are reliable but these PODCASTS are NOT financial advice, so please DYOR on the projects introduced as well. 


projects introduced in our AMA PODCAST will be hosted in english & translated to chinese & korean for our community members. our AMA PODCAST will also be recorded and posted for our community.  


we would be introducing a web-market place to spend the hard earned $WAGYU token to purchase some of the WL introduced in our AMA PODCAST & possibly other future utilities in our future development.


We would be introducing a SANDBOX Game “Meta Massacre” which is a WEB3 Game. GHIDORAH GODZ has taken the opportunity to purchase 4 PLOTS of sandbox land which will be co-shared by both Heartbreak Bear and GHIDORAH GODZ (will be co-authorised under Gnosis-Safe) for both communities to play and engage in the sandbox platform. 



you will be able to farm for items, weapons and armor (All TBA), and these can be traded as well! We will also be creating a VOXEL MODEL NFT that will be issued as a FREE MINT for both HBB genesis holders and GHIDORAH GODZ divine series! 

this VOXEL NFT will be your pass to enter the sandbox game once it is ready. the voxel collection will be a collective collection that consists of both project’s voxel and our intended vision is to bring along more projects into “META MASSACRE”


This is to help grow the NFT gaming ecosystem and allow more unique collaborations to form between projects.


Once all the development for our ROADMAP V2 has been met, we would be introducing our ROADMAP V3 in order to push the project forward.